This time is the topic of Japanese tradition, sushi.

Sushi is popular as a healthy food not only in Japan but also in many parts of the world these days.
Everyone, do you know Sushi?
It is also said to be the origin of sushi.
The current sushi is made with vinegared rice
The raw seafood is used and it is not so time consuming to prepare, but the sushi is called Funazushi, and the fish which took the internal organs is kept for several weeks to several years, salt in the barrel · It was aged with rice and lactic fermentation.
In the days when there was no refrigerator and logistics was not functioning as much as the present time, it is a wonderful fermented food produced by pioneers by wisdom and nature’s blessing, so that the food can be preserved for a long time and eaten.
It was a valuable source of protein for people living in areas without sea in landlocked countries.

This sushi is still made in various parts of Japan. The name of the call varies from region to region, and there are various kinds of fish to be used, but the most famous is Shiga Prefecture.
It uses only fish unique at Lake Biwa, and its taste is said to be expressed as salty caviar, or fish prosthet.

Protein changed to amino acid by lactic acid fermentation, umami umami. Since it is a unique flavor, preference may be divided, but how about trying it once?


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