Hello everybody !, I am Uruguayan, for 7 years I cook Argentine cuisine in Japan. They wonder how is it possible if I’m not originally from Argentina?and more, some people are amazed because for 7 years I have been the chef at the Argentine Embassy in Japan.
Well, Uruguay and Argentina like many Latin American and European countries we do not have distant borders.
Uruguay and Argentina unlike other Latin countries we share many traditions and lifestyles. Maybe they are one of the countries that most coincide in the daily life in eating.
the beginnings of these countries have a lot in common, that is one of the many because.
For this reason, sometimes it is difficult for me to explain the differences in eating because there are hardly any.
When I think about these differences, the first thing I remember is that in Uruguay we usually use wood to make the barbecue and in Argentina they use charcoal.
but sometimes it is the other way around!, we are not governed by 100% rules, we move according to the circumstances and what there is in that moment in the refrigerator or in the market.
With this explanation I hope to clarify this question to many friends and start to enjoy with my food .
My Regards Penélope.


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