This time is the story about wine’s aroma (fragrance).

We introduce the wine’s aroma charts made by Bouchard Ainé & Filsaprico, a wine brewing maker in Burgundy (Middle Eastern France, famous wine). It is easy to understand and easy to understand at the tasting of wine, and it is carefully shown about 100 types of common aromas.

Wine aromas are classified into three types.

① Aroma which originally coming from grapes.

② Aroma born in the process of brewing wine

③ Aroma by aging in the bottle after bottling …

These chemical compositions are expressed as aromas of spices and fruits.

Well, let’s try wine tasting while watching this wine chart. You can enjoy wine more deeply.

First stage
Almonds, apples,
Hazelnuts, bananas,
Brioche, coffee,
Cinnamon, cardamom,
Cassis, black cherry, chocolate, plum,
Clove, leather.

Second stage
Apricot, spices, eucalyptus,
Juniper, raspberry
Strawberry, redcurrant fruit, dried fig,
Forest undergrowth, smoke,
Lemon, butter, red apples, green apples

3 rd stage
Melon, mint, honey, blackberry,
Orange, walnut,
Toast, pear, mineral, black pepper, oak,
Roses, cigarettes, truffles

4 th stage
Vanilla, violet flower, chalk, iodine, anise,
Meringue, kiwi, lime flowers, bread, licorice (licorice), sugar boiled in fruit, fruit,
Sweet dessert, Morello cherry

5th row
Kirsch (cherry brandy), berries of bilberry, bud of black currant grass, cedar,
Sandalwood, acacia, hawthorn, flint, prune, [planted] honeysuckle,
Iris flower, mango, fur, black olive

Sixth row
Caramel, nutmeg, grapefruit, oranges,
Karin, lychee, flower of a peony, cut hay, fern, Broom, jam, rose,
Moss, green pepper

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