GastroArts Festival vol.0


🍾GastroArts Festival🍾

Time:May 18th 2019 12:00-17:00

Place:Zig 1-24-3,Mishuku,Setagaya-Ku,Tokyo
※Get off at Sangenjyaya Station and walk for 7 minutes

Entrance fee:¥1,500(with 1 glass of Summer sparkling wine)
This is a private festival

Beautiful gastronomy and art happy garden festival🎉


・《Big paella》🥘 from D&M
・《Summer sparkling wine and Indian mango》🥂🥭from Hydra International
・《Maniac wine》🍷 from chef Gonzalo
・《Drunker tapas》🍢 from chef Wada
・《Original Ghana food》🍖from ANTARU KITCHEN
Food track will come!!
・《Tasty Coffee》from Charincoffee🚲☕️
・《Sweets loved for a long time》from chez an🍪
and others

【Live Performance】

・NANDE(Naoyuki Minamide)
One stroke painter. Once I start to draw, I am spinning a moment with a single line under my own rules of not leaving the pen from the support and not crossing the line and the line, and enjoying the creation between conscious and unconscious.
Also as a graphic designer
A character design that mixes languages, such as kanji but also English words, is called “Mix Culture Typography” and develops its own typography.
instagram: @ nandeee

Beautiful tasty lineups will make you happy.
Let’s enjoy great festival

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