D&M+Key Stone Club presents: KEYSTONE VOL2.


Latin jazz live music + French chef dinner

Date: May 20 (Mon) 19:00 to 21:30 (18:30 reception start)
Location: Key Stone Club
Roppongi 7-4-1-12 in Minato-ku, Tokyo

Meal fee: ¥ 5,000 (drinks not included)
Music charge: ¥ 3500
Total: 8500 yen
Prepaid fee: 8000 yen

※ Please order French wine pairing, cocktails and drinks à la carte.
Available through D & M staff. You can also contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or our website.

D & M meets Key Stone Club for the second time
This time, we had dinner from French chef Aurelian Guilbaud
A Latin Jazz band will be held again with the dessert of the Argentinean chef Mirta Nishino (https://mirtanishino.com).

There is no introduction of the artist, but please expect.
Aurelian guilbaud
He was originally from France, and first studied cooking at a family-run restaurant, and then he refined his cooking skills at restaurants and three-star restaurants throughout France. He also served food to former French president Nicola Sarkozy on the Champs Elysees. For a while I was based in Paris, but decided to travel around the world to gain more food experience and finally settled in Japan.
In Japan, I have previously worked as a chef at the Angolan embassy, ​​and now I am active as a director of the food and wine department.

Cool music atmosphere with delicious French cuisine.
Try good food and wine, enjoy music and dance.


-Amuse Bouche

-Spring ratatouille, poached egg parmigiano and rucula

-Salmon filet with roasted honey sauce and seasonal vegetables

-Mango crepe

Bon Appétit

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